Data logging service

Here you can log data pushed by MobileNode such as coordinates, azimuth, temperature, remaining battery charge and other sensors data.

This service is based on the phant data logging tool. Every MobileNode comes with a free account for 1 month from first push, after that you have to pay just $1.00 USD per month.

The limits are 400MB storage and 180 pushes in a 15 minute window, that is to say, 1 push every 5 seconds. Live GPS coordinates and data are shown in a Google Map including the device orientation data given by the geomagnetic sensor.

400MB storage.
Backup once a week.

1 push / 5 seconds.

$1.00 USD / month.

Live map and data.

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How to use it

First you have to get your public and private keys, then you can push data to the cloud by using the private key and you can access such data by using the public key.

HTTP GET data push

View stream (public key)

View stream (alias)